A few features i'd like to see

  • PDF embedding, if i upload a pdf i’d like to be able to see the pages, maybe even edit them if possible (editing them doesnt really matter) but having them the file with the pages there as a sticky note would be dope, by the way what i meant by editing was mostly “highlighting” but like i said this isn’t really needed, im happy with the ability of embedding the pages.

As an idea if you do end up implementing PDF’s, what if you gave us the option of highlighting it and whatever was highlighted created a note?
Maybe thats too hard to implement but I like the idea.

  • Being able to upload bigger files for the background, i found that 600kb is a bit limiting, i have some pictures that i couldnt get under the 600kb threshold if anybody knows how i can get them to 600kb or lower i’d appreciate it. (I used SQUASH)
  • White text for darker colored notes
  • Embedding of youtube videos, currently if i have a youtube URL it only shows me the thumbnail, i’d like for the video to play in the note and having the ability to turn the sound on, i know i can download the video then upload it to my space but having the embedding would make things easier.
  • More frames, i dont know if there’s only one person designing these frames but god damn i love them, they’re cute as hell and i want more of them, maybe you could try and have the community create frames?

And for now i think that’s it, thanks!


this might be technically impossible to implement on the web, without first converting the pdf to an image of some sort. But then I don’t know what how you’d handle multipage pdfs

Being able to upload bigger files for the background, i found that 600kb is a bit limiting

Where do you get your backgrounds from typically?

The reason that background uploads are limited is because other ppl would have to load them and it’s bad web practice to have such huge image sizes (that being said, I don’t know if that’s still a big deal nowadays, perhaps someone else could chime in here?). You can generally resize images with any image editor or a single use tool like imageOptim(https://imageoptim.com/mac)

i dont know if there’s only one person designing these frames but god damn i love them

Thank you! I did all of them except the haloween one, I might do more contracting because they take ~1-2 weeks each and it’s really hard to find the time. Each frame is 3d rendered and made up of multiple images that need to be relatively placed in a card to work at all sizes, so it’s not an easy thing to do sadly. I’ll probably look to contracting some more for new frames in the future.

If you have ideas for frames you’d like to see plz feel free to drop a card in https://kinopio.club/ideas-for-frames-FE23Cg-KH0aUqQnVQ8b39

  • White text for darker colored notes

ya that’d be cool, I need to find a nice lightweight way to detect when a color is ‘dark’ but it’s def doable


I usually get my backgrounds from telegram groups or unsplash, well i never really considered them as backgrounds, more like wallpapers, anyways, i was able to resize the image file to a respectable 800kb but like i said, it’s limited to 600kb when I say make it bigger I’m mostly referring to probably 1 megabyte, i’m aware of it being bad practice but i was expectin 1MB to be not much of a difference, maybe im in the wrong here, but 1MB seems like an easy spot to hit
Either way, you can link me to where you get your wallpapers and i’ll appreciate it.

And regarding the frames, sweet, I look forward to more frames :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Also I added some ides for frames specifically a twitter artist that I really think could make some awesome frames, maybe try to comission some of them from him? :pleading_face:

This is his twitter: https://twitter.com/gouuie


While we’re reviving this topic, I added some inspo for my dream frame - play tools :grin:



Just increased the background size limit to 1mb


v cool frame ideas/suggestions - thanks!


Love this idea


Bumping cuz currently working on this


:articulated_lorry: dark content support released https://twitter.com/KinopioClub/status/1587127753895251973