Ability to copy a card from Tags list

It would be great if we could copy card contents / names straight from the “Tags” list in the right sidebar, similar to how you can now copy AI-generated images.

My use case would be handling tasks, ideas and bugs/issues that I may tag in individual spaces but would want to bring in another space to think through and process.

If it were possible to copy an actual link to the card, that may even be better, as that would avoid duplicating cards.


Oh that’s a great idea, will add the simple copy part at least to the nearer term list of things

if you click copy on a ‘burger’ tag, would you expect it to copy [[burger]] then that you could just paste into a card?

That would be helpful, but I think I may not have been clear with the initial request. What I’d really love is to be able to copy the cards that show up after you click on the tags.

I think it might make more sense to fix this problem at the root by having card links in the future


That makes sense. Thank you.


would you want to Copy the card to the new space? Or Move it (so the card wouldn’t be present in the original space anymore)?

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Ideally, both, but if I had to choose then “copy”. My main use case would be to compile similarly tagged cards in a new space to think through the connections or how to deal with them (but not necessarily move the cards from the original context/spaces). The most obvious one would be to tag and collect all my todos in one task planner space.

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I agree this would be a nice solution because then you can keep the task in context while also viewing it with other tasks.

Regarding moving cards as an interim solution, I wonder if having card history would be helpful here. For example, this card was moved from “Space about robots”. It could be one entry deep (just keep track of where it last came from).

That might help with remembering the context.

In my recent use cases, I would also opt for copying. I tend to make a copy of a whole space and rearrange and filter the new one. If I had transclusion I would have used that. My use case here was producing an outline from a bunch of notes I had written.


:articulated_lorry: shipped the ability to copy/move cards from a taglist


Thank you!

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