Ability to prevent a card from shaking when repositioning it

When you’re moving a card, it can sometimes be tough lining up cards when the shaking animation is occurring. IDK if having the shaking stop on shift-down is good UX (since it would clash with repositioning cards on a single axis), but something like that would be really nice for those of use with an innate need to have cards line up


Just an FYI in case you or others on here are unaware, the alignment buttons are super useful for this. Allows you to throw things around messily and then align everything all at once rather than try to eyeball each card one at a time.

Top two alignment buttons also ensure spacing is consistent while the others align in place.


@gucciSo following up on this, do the alignment buttons after the fact solve this issue for you?

I think it does for the use case I brought up, but I do think that some way to nix the animation would be useful, especially when it comes to ensuring all cards are within a “draw box”.

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what do you mean by ‘draw box’ here?

Sorry, IDK what to call it, the organizational boxes with transparent backgrounds

oh cards within a box, gotcha :slight_smile:


shipped an update where if you hold shift down and drag a card, in addition to locking movement along an axis, it won’t jiggle



<3 thank you so much!!! You’re the best!