Ability to set card size & position precisely

Especially when dealing with image cards, I’ve had the need to precisely set card sizes. For one, it’d be great to be able to let the image size dictate the card size. This would be useful if you are specifically making an image to be used in Kinopio. Right now, you can make the card bigger until you no longer see the image scale, and maybe that’s “good enough”? But it’d be nice for there to be a shortcut for this, similar to how double-clicking sizes it to default card size.

For two, here’s a use case where I’d like to precisely set the card sizes to a a pixel value. I know that’s more of a power user type request, and we want to avoid extra controls. But here’s the request, anyhow:

These images are not 100%. But I do want them to be the same.

Thinking about this a little more, I would like to be able to specify:

  • x
  • y
  • height
  • width

But this is probably because there aren’t options like:

Some of this may be covered by the [planning] Card Lists use case, as you mentioned @pirijan.