Add ability to share a private space as read only

I wish I could send private space links with Read Only, it looks like when I send links they could sign up and edit my spaces which I’d just like them to be able to see without an account, but not edit.

My summary: I would like the ability to allow others to view (but not edit) a private space. The current options I have are 1) invite others to be a collaborator on a private space. This means they can edit. :-1:t2: 2) Create a Public Read Only space and share the link. This means everyone can see this, not just the people I designate. :-1:t2:

+1 this is how I originally wanted my newsletter that I tried out here to work (which I’ve flamed out on… for now).

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This is how I intuitively expected Kinopio URLs to work when I first came upon the app. That is, if I shared the URL to a private space, anyone with that URL can view it. When I realized that was not the case, I then figured that if I changed a space to Closed (old name of Public Read Only), then it would have this behavior. But it turned out that those URLs were publicly discoverable.

It was/is a bit surprising that this use case is not supported.

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I do like the security that there’s not a random url out there that someone could stumble upon and end up in my private space.

I’m assuming in your scenario it’d be generated, so a regular private space without generating the url wouldn’t have to worry about it, but then if the generated url were shared widely I’d want to be able to turn it off. Unlikely to actually happen (at least for me), but something I think should be considered


expanded private space options is something I’d like to do in the future

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