Align boxes includes contained cards

requested by a user , tracking here

when I use the align tool with multiple boxes, the boxes move, but not the content inside of them


I think something like this might help get me really really close to the list kind of stuff I want to do.

Take this space for example:

The cards under “Released” are essentially a list. If I could box them and have an easy way to align all of those cards without having to slowly highlight all while dragging down the screen, it would be a huge improvement for me.

I often add cards in the middle of that list and to realign by highlighting them all is tiresome as it grows longer and longer.


+1, I think most would expect this behavior. Moving boxes normally moves the contained cards, and aligning boxes is another way to move boxes.

Moving boxes without cards is the exception (hence the shift-drag way to do it).

what should happen if just boxes are selected and you try and align:

vs what should happen if both boxes and cards (which may be in and outside of those boxes) are selected?:

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My feeling is that you generally only want to align with like items. That is, align boxes with boxes and cards with cards, but not cards with boxes.

So you could choose a convention. I think if there are multiple boxes selected then align those boxes (bringing their contents along). If there is only one box selected, then align the cards, assuming the user selected the box by accident.

To cover the smaller case of mixed alignment, that could be accomplished by another feature where you snap items when they are close to other objects (perhaps with a keyboard modifier)