Allow creating connections to multiple cards possible

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When you have multiple cards selected, dragging from an unselected card’s connect button creates connections from that single card to all the selected cards. Basically reverse the direction of the connections from current behavior in this case. Since this is not that discoverable to begin with, there is low risk in changing this :wink:

Dragging From something to create connections To it doesn’t sound like it works from an interaction pov

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Let me clarify because that’s not what I was saying, but I also didn’t describe the full interaction (because I hadn’t thought it through).

  1. Select a group of n cards.
  2. Click on the connection button of an unselected card. No dragging.
  3. This creates connections from unselected card to the group of cards.

Right now, this creates connections from the group of cards to the single card, which is just as unexpected because the normal connection-making interaction is starting at the from node.

Another option would be, instead of clicking on the connection button of the unselected card, you would start the connection interaction on mouse down, and then the user would drag towards the group. But that gets kinda hairy because cards in a group can be in all directions, so you can’t track the connection being made with the cursor.

if you could manually bend the connection curves yourself, would this also address this use case?

  1. make connections in the way you would now
  2. select those connections and drag to bend them how you want them to look
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No, because what I care about are the semantics of the directionality. A → B is different from B → A and I can use that information today via bringing my Kinopio data into another system. My concern is not with the visual rendering at all.

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This is mostly possible now because you can select connections and reverse them.