Alternate checked todos styling?

Different styles for check boxes would be amazing. I never check them and add a Done tag instead. I don’t have this problem in Notion where I constantly check things off, maybe cause of the light grey or something. It’s hard to read them just crossed out in the black text color. I saw this on that other note taking app called Craft, they do three options for checks

My summary:

@ethan to clarify, you want a “done” card (a to-do card that is checked) to be more readable, and your proposal is giving the user options on how checked to-do should be rendered (that is, strikethrough (current), faded, or none)?

it sounds like the actual root problem is that checked cards don’t appear ‘checked’ enough?

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No, I’m pretty sure the root problem is, when you check off a todo, due to the strikethrough styling, it is hard to read the text.

That’s why ethan uses a [[Done]] tag – so that he can tell which tasks are done without having the strikethrough obscure the text.

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Hmm… I read the comment as once you check something off, the strikethrough makes it a bit too difficult to read what was written on the card.

Edit: Ben beat me to it.

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