Anonymous users in a public space

Google makes it so you can’t view the profile of others in a public document. Users that are invited as collaborators are treated as anonymous users. Currently, I can see the profile/all public spaces for any user.

As a user, I want to share a read-only space with my friends, but I don’t want this to show up in my public profile.


  • Members that are not invited to my space show up as anonymous users where I can not view their profile, nor can they view mine.
  • Allow for “Protected” spaces that are public, but don’t show up in my public profile
  • Add a setting that allows users to hide their profile when browsing public spaces

Hi @araiguma, thanks for the request. This sounds like the same request as Add ability to share a private space as read only. First, +1. Also, you might some additional discussion in that thread. Feel free to comment on that as well :slight_smile:

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