Archive Folder - Idea

I know there is the “Removed” section already, but I’m thinking it’d be cool to have a “Archive” or “Completed” section for cards I don’t want to take up space, but want around still.

An example use-case would be your Roadmap where you drag completed things to today. For large spaces it can add a bit of clutter as that section fills up.

Reason I’d want something separate from the Removed is because there are cards that I delete purposely to truly get rid of vs those I want to Archive and be kept around for posterity.


Could also apply to Spaces too. Spaces I’m done with and don’t want to clutter up my list on a regular basis, but don’t want to delete in case I want to revisit later on.


By section, do you mean still visible in the space? If not, how would this be different from renaming Removed to Archived? (Just trying to tease this out) :slight_smile:

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I think for me, there is a difference between “I want to delete this card” and “I want to stop seeing this card (but still be able to reference it later)”


The removed section would work, but then I have to put in the extra step of permanently removing anything that’s trash to preserve that area for my “Completed” cards that I want to really save.

Edit 2:

Groups (that you could hide) would probably handle the scenario even better.

Imagine the Roadmap “Completed” cards as a group, then you can hide away to remove clutter, but then make visible to review completed features and drag new features into.

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I concur. The problem with the existing dialog for Removed cards is that you lose the context of a card (and metadata) when it is in a list like that.

For groups, I’m very much still in the box style group (see, btw :wink: When you say hide, what are you envisioning? Make the group entirely invisible, or turn down the opacity similar to card filtering? If it’s the former, how would you toggle to make it visible since everything is presumably invisible?

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There are a lot of different ways to handle it. I don’t want the opacity version, because the clutter is still there.

It would be cool if the group could be collapsed into a single card.

This would result in the problem where when you unhide, other cards could be in the way and cause clutter, but I’d be okay with that.


one way to address this right now is to Move the cards you want to archive to a different space (eg my space and my space [archived])


Ah, that’s a great and simple idea! Thanks!