Background Error

I get this error quite a bit when searching for backgrounds. I’d say more than 50% of the time at this point. It’s been happening for a bit now too, can’t remember quite when I started running into it consistently.

This is specifically for the Background search, but I don’t use it for cards enough to know if it persists there as well.

Edit: first search in a card for “Stars” returned the same error.

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I’m seeing this too.

looks like arena changed their api. They’ve been making some backend changes and have been terrible about communicating changes (or responding to feedback/bug reports :frowning: )

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Yeah looks like the route param for searching image blocks only (which might of been unofficial) is now also returning text, etc. blocks which breaks things on the kinopio, I let them know and in the meantime will do some extra validation on my end.

What this means though is that searching may return less image results now until they fix the root problem

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kinopio fix released