Autosuggest with cards

I just thought it would be super useful to have inline suggestions, or similar as you get in browsers search bar. You already have the ability to search for an images or generating it. And this could be some extension in the same direction.

For example I’m thinking right now on collecting some AI generative tools I know about. I would like to type in the name, and I remember ‘dreamstuido’ and get some suggestion with URL to the actual website. Which is

I also thinking about having this suggestions right away, not hidden in the mystic [:rose:] button.

I’d love to have some instant results while i’m typing, I could see plain text suggestions with links, and some easy to reach-out button to switch the image suggestions. I’d expect to be ‘Image search’ mode by default, and I could specify the other image types (GIF, Sitcker, AI).

Sorry for being negative Nancy here, but I’d vote against this type of functionality if it were being considered.

Anecdotally, it feels like the vast majority of cards I see through Explore and elsewhere are just snippets/blocks of text with words. So having some sort of autofill every time you’re trying to get some text down feels like it’d be more distraction/bloat than actual utility.

Secondly, while the url features of Kinopio are neat, they aren’t really necessary for quick brainstorming to get things out of your head and onto the page, which is where I’d expect something like autofill to provide utility. Something like “dreamstudio” while trying to collect thoughts for myself is plenty, imo.

The only time the url features really matter that much, imo, is when you are trying to add polish to a space to share. At this point, you aren’t really in a brainstorming mode trying to get things onto the page quickly so typing/pasting a url is plenty quick enough at this stage without adding the distraction of some autofill menu for every other card you create.

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Yes, I understand your point. I may seem to use the tool in different scenarios.

Sometimes I would love to think using come visuals, or illustrations, connecting them to create an idea. And I just thought on the way to smooth this workflow of adding new images to the board.

It seams that shorter the way yo take to create a card is the best. I’m not quite sure of implementation, just have a feeling that this functionality could be more useful
if it wasn’t hidden behind the buttons.


The problem with autocomplete is knowing what to autocomplete, every word has a website. So I’d get results for,, , etc on my way to typing dreamstudio …

As suggested above , in the more common case of writing a non website idea. Having website suggestions pop up almost all the time would be very distracting in a clippy-like way imo

What scenarios are you typically using kinopio in?