Backlinks shipped

Backlinks are now live, I’m stress testing it out and using it irl today. I’ll the world about it in a couple days.

Type / in a card to get started. let me know how it goes :crystal_ball:

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I was clicking as fast as I could on the Links button and navigating through a few linked spaces. Every 5-10 clicks, I was getting a 429, with the spinner showing.

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Did you get the 429 when rapidly clicking the links button , or by clicking on spaces in the links dialog?

Here’s what I was doing as rapidly as possible:

  1. Click Links
  2. Click on a random space
  3. Repeat :slight_smile:

Sometimes I see the “Error saving changes to server, retrying…” message:

I see a broken image in the Spaces preview dialog.


You can see it here: Personal open Kinopio spaces – Kinopio

For some reason, Sam’s space link is detected as invalid.


And this one too:


And finally:


You can find these cards on

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fixed, was a weird space caching issue

Oh hey, does this only work for non-private spaces?

(That makes total sense but I confused myself briefly)

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yes it should work everywhere, let me know if it doesn’t tho!

Also as part of this, the api help docs have been updated

new attribute:

card.linkToSpaceId if the card links to another space, this records the spaceId of that link for easy reference

2 new routes:

  • GET /space/multiple?spaceIds=spaceId1,spaceId2
  • GET /card/by-link-to-space/:spaceId


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shipped a fix for the 429 error issue

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Sorry if I’m not supposed to bump this; I don’t know the etiquette here just yet :slight_smile:

It seems (unless I’m doing it wrong) that you can only have one backlink per card


Which is fine if that’s a known limitation. Could it go in the docs?

Example space link: Kino features playground

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I have no problem with bumps lol

:+1: sure I’ll add that limitation to the docs

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actually I’ll look into fixing this limitation instead, added to buglist