Brainstorming: Reorganizing connected cards

I usually put my cards on strings like this:

Instead of maybe expected this:

The reason is that I find the latter option ugly and distracting.

Unfortunately, this poses a problem when reorganizing cards. E.g., if I want to move the brow card on the top under the Tabula, I have to redo 4 connections at least.

I imagine that there could be possibly a way how to reorganize such cards on a string in the way, that strings / connections would automatically reattach . I guess it would be difficult but I wanted to put it here… since it is something that I am missing.


in teh future you’ll be able to manually bend/adjust the curve of connections, this might solve the underlying aesthetic issue you’re having here


Yeah, that might be possible but I still think that the string analogy works sometimes better :). They lead the reader from one thing to another and prevent too much clutter.