Brainstorming: Save the colour palette / predefined colour palette / downloadable color palette?

Just a brainstorming. It happens to me often that my color palette is rather a mess and I click a little bit randomly on colors. I know that there is a possibility to save a single color but I am somehow unable to have them nice and tidy.

Could be there a solution for it? Like some preselected colour palettes? Downloadable colour palettes from other users? Saving a whole colour palette?

Nothing crucial but maybe something that could be useful / fun. (Or maybe it would just clutter the system. I don’t know.)

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Curious what you mean by this, if you could elaborate a bit.

I use the saved colors for specific instances where I’ve come to use a color for a specific meaning. So for media, I have a purple I use across many spaces to indicate it as something I’ve watched. Similar use cases for connections so I can just use some consistent colors and have a learned behavior for myself of what that color means.

I guess my point is, I don’t really look at it as a palette that should all work well together and be used across all my spaces. I love how Kinopio provides random colors and take advantage of that in every space. The saved colors, for me, are just for those semantic reasons.

There are, however, a number of apps that can provide nice palettes with hex codes that would only take 30 seconds to enter in a few and save each.

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what does ‘nice and tidy’ colors look like for you? eg ordered by hue, etc.?