Brainstorming: tags = spaces = connections

This is really brainstorming but one of things that I like in RemNote or Roam is that tags = pages/rems etc.

So a wild idea: Why tags could not be the same thing as spaces and same thing as connections?

(public space:

One could refer to any space by [[ ]] as with tags.
One could use tags as connections (they have already colors)

Each space title could be used as a tag.

Tags by default would not have to have associated any space but one could create by clicking on them with the same name as the tag.

The same with connections. Connections could be just colors or tags/spaces.

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Very Roam-like. I’ve suggested “Tag Spaces” in the past as well to get close to that: [spec] Tag Spaces


Yeah, with the addition of connections :slight_smile: - which could be very interesting!


Connections could also bring then up both connected cards - and maybe in future also their directionality.


Agreed, I think it’d be a pretty big overhaul for how they work though…

Personally, my main goal has been to have a way to see all the references made to a tag space, easily and cleanly. That’s why I advocated for being able to pin the Tag and Link dialogs, but this hasn’t really served the need for me.

What I’d love is what I’ve dubbed a “persistent tag card” (which could work for links (and potentially connections in your example) as well:


I am curious whether it would be so much? Just giving every space the same tag and tags their spaces (if wished)? And then also list every tag/space under connections and giving connections the appropriate color. But maybe I am missing something :).

Otherwise, persistent tags would be also great and compatible. :slight_smile:


I’d love this, especially with respect to daily spaces. I currently create tags for each day to manage deadlines and time-based cards. If spaces and tags could be interchangeable in terms of how these are referenced in cards (and how their search results appear), it could be one thing to wonder less as to whether something needs to start as a tag or a space.


From a database/data-model perspective the work is immense (datamodels are designed around assumptions that are hard to change without breakign things). And designing around the UI impacts of this is also a large job. Not to say this, or something else that solves this problem won’t happen, just that it’s not a trivial feature