Browser history wonky using space link

I’ve noticed this problem for a while but just reporting it now. When I use the space link within the space preview dialog, the browser history seems to get messed up.

  1. Mulberry Koala space has a card that links to my mood wall.
  2. I click on the special space link, which opens the space preview dialog.
  3. I click through to navigate to the mood wall.
  4. I hit the browser’s back button. Nothing happens.

It seems like Mulberry Koala is missing from the history now. Tested on Microsoft Edge Dev and Safari Tech Preview.

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Think I’ve got a fix for this. I say ‘fix’ but actually it’s a pretty big/risky revamp of url/title handling under the hood, so let me know if you see any related space loading issues.

Anywho here’s it in action

  1. I click a space link and click the name to navigate there
  2. I hit the back button: the previous space loads
  3. I hit the forwards button: navigates as expected

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I will check it out. It was very annoying before when the back button was broken – made it hard to jump between spaces – so thanks for implementing this :slight_smile:

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