Bug: Pasting Image From Clipboard

After pasting an image from my clipboard (grabbed with CleanShotX screenshot), the card comes in upside down → you can see the blue (my default card color) on the bottom with the connector in the bottom right.

Clicking this card also does nothing. You have to highlight and delete with keyboard.

All of these image cards completely disappeared on a refresh.

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i can’t reproduce this: here i click a file on my desktop , cmd-c to copy, then click in kinopio , create a card and then hit cmd-v . i see that the file is uploaded with a url and after refreshing it’s still there

CleanShot 2024-05-09 at 14.35.32

Seems to be Chromium only.

It works for me correctly if I copy an image from desktop, but if I grab a screenshot directly, it breaks.

Another report of it from an image being copied from a folder though: Discord - Arc

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can you elaborate on what you mean by this?

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CMD+SHIFT+4 → Select Area → Go to Kinopio → Paste

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I had to update my cleanshot settings to do this in a drawing app, but when i tried the same thing in kinopio I got an empty paste (no card was produced)

can you let me know what the 🎊 pasteData in the logs shows when you try this?

CleanShot 2024-05-09 at 16.48.40@2x

Not seeing pasteData anywhere…

Update: here is the sending operations section expanded:

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added paste image support as best as i could

  1. chrome/safari: right click img ‘copy image’ from elsewhere, then paste in kinopio window creates new card and uploads image
  2. safari: ctrl-shift-4 then paste creates new card and uploads image (chrome clipboard doesn’t contain any image information for this action so I couldn’t get this to work)
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I’ve been getting the same.
Windows 11 > Vivaldi.

Anything that comes from image to clipboard seems to paste with a blank url card that you cannot interact with; and like mentioned above. when you refresh, it returns blank.


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when you paste, can you let me know what you see in the browser console?

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Confirming that this works for me again in Horse (Chromium)!