Bug: sometimes space will jump/scroll to top

hi! so this thing keeps happening where if i’m scrolled down in the contents of a space i will (randomly?) get automatically scrolled to the top of the space. it’s related to clicking; sometimes i will be clicking into cards and such and then just get flung up to the top of the page.

i can’t really nail down an easy-to-reproduce case here, so i’m very sorry but it keep happening (mostly when i do not expect it).

it’s really jarring and distracting. happy to help identify it more.

here’s a video recording: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


hey @ 3dwardsharp,

hmm I also use safari and haven’t seen this, but can you let me know if you see the same behaviour on this upcoming beta release version: https://deploy-preview-305--kinopio-client.netlify.app/ (you can sign in with your regular kinopio acct)


thanks for the follow up. yes, i’m still seeing the same issue using that other URL.

so one way: when i scroll down, click once and the “new card” pops up, and then when click outside of the new card i get scrolled back to the top.

one thought: is like a .focus() happening that would cause the browser to scroll something out of view, into view?

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I was able to repro and fix this. You were right - it was related to a focus() call

Shipping it now so refresh and give it a try in 5,



oh so much better! thank you!!