Can I undo an accidental `Connect`?

I made a terrible mistake. I highlighted all of my cards in a space to move them for more room at the top, and I hit Connect by mistake, which joined all of the cards together with a new connection type. I tried to ctrl + z but that didn’t help: is there a way to undo connection changes? This isn’t a major problem – I can fix it manually in about 10 mins – but for future reference any information about a strategy to undo that mistake would be great! Thanks.

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Oh damn, ya the undo is currently limited to restoring removed cards. Complete undo support is def on the roadmap though

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I know complete undo support is a big feature, but I’m glad it’s in the plans. It would go a long way to making Kinopio feel even more nimble and effortless. Currently, there is a certain level of stress when manipulating lots of cards because there is no undo. It feels like having to tip-toe around because you don’t want to knock stuff over because you know it will take time to put it back.

Due to that, sometimes when I’m making a big change, I remember to duplicate the space (basically back it up). I am also backing up all my spaces every 2 hours. And then, I recently wrote another script that basically does the same thing which is slightly better because it only gets spaces that were changed since the last time I ran it. (It also puts it into a SQLite database, but an interim step is pulling all the JSON).

The fact that I have backups mitigates some of the anxiety:) @sam I know that wasn’t what you asked for, but maybe still interesting to you :slight_smile:


it’s about a week or two of work, I have the fundamentals already built. As usual I just need to find the time to finish it :sleeping:

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