Can't edit a card I created in open space / misplaced image cards

I accidentally interrupted an image upload in a public space created by @bentsai by clicking away and the image was uploaded but in the top left corner of the space and I am not able to edit it anymore even though i created it.

I noticed this behvaiour before in my personal spaces where images would be in a card in the top left corner or far from where I intended. and it seems that interruption during upload (by clicking away?) is causing it.
i tried recreating this error a few times and after refreshing there were misplaced images everywhere.

i was able to remove the misplaced images in my personal space but not in this public space below as you can see in the gif.



Will look into this too , thx for the report

I’m having trouble reproducing this, when I upload and click away, the image uploads as it should. Could you send me a screencast showing the interruption?

Also I’m assuming you’re also logged in as Xea so there’s a related root issue where you’re not able to manipulate a card that you’ve created.

just released a fixed for this issue. you should now be able to move/remove that image card