Card cloning / transclusion - any news on this? :)

I am sure it has already been discussed here but I would like to simply ask whether there are any new considerations on this.

What I would like to do is simply to clone one card, i.e.

  1. to have the same card multiple times on one board
  2. or having one card in multiple boards synced.

Why? E.g., I have the following space on Roam-like apps:

And there are many categories and many apps can appear in more than one.

I know that this may be not possible but I wanted to ask :).

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it is possible, but very difficult to plan out and a . because of the difficulty (very high) to general-usefulness (extremely low) ratio , I think it’s best to consider this on the farther long-term roadmap (2023 at the earliest)

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Closing this out to reduce duplication. Comments and thoughts and this feature can be added here: πŸͺž Mirror/transclusion feature