Card search list is not always reverse-chronological

I’m seeing this currently on


oh hmm will look into that soon, thx for the report!

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do you see this issue on other spaces? I’m finding hard to repro

yeah, I see it in many spaces…

but not all?
trying to figure out the common denominator here…

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I will qualify more when I get some time :slight_smile:

I see this on most spaces that have cards created at different times. Private, Closed, and Open spaces, with and without collaborators. The two screenshots I posted are from public spaces – do you not see the same order as me? But it’s not just those, it’s at least a dozen I just browsed around that I have access to.

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I’m not seeing this on Mobile Safari for those (or other) spaces however. Don’t have time to go back to desktop to double check right now…

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super useful, thanks for spending the time to take these helpful screenshots/reports!

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I’m still seeing this issue :wink:

On desktop:

On mobile (don’t see the issue):

desktop is edge, and mobile is safari ?

Desktop is Kinopio Mac App. I checked some other browsers on desktop:


  • Mac app
  • Edge


  • Safari Tech Preview
  • Firefox

On mobile, yes Safari. And it is working there.

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fix released, tested on chrome/vivaldi and safari


:raised_hands:t2: really happy about this one,

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