Cards preview contains removed cards

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Thx for the report! will look into. Bug fixing is my priority for the next few weeks

should be fixed now, (also found a nice performance optimization too)

thx again :snowman_with_snow:

sidequestion: maybe I should move and work on all these “daily task” like cards in the roadmap space instead? or maybe I could just link to this space from the roadmap for ppl interested in daily deets

I think that makes sense, as long as it doesn’t disrupt your workflow at all :slight_smile: That’s where I expected to see most tasks related to Kinopio, but I quickly realized you use your Life tasks space for tactical/daily stuff.

I do appreciate the transparency and acknowledging that these tasks do often blend together with “life”.

Linking from the roadmap to your Life tasks space might be an interesting experiment to see how cross-space linking feels/works. This is a great example where the cards can straddle two spaces, there is ambiguity. This happens all the time with me.

Anyways, merry Christmas and happy new year :evergreen_tree:

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