`cardsCreatedCount` user attribute

I see the cardsCreatedCount attribute in my user object. It is currently 3513. But when I pulled my cards via the API with my script, I’m getting more around 6000. What does that count represent? I’m trying to figure out if I have a bug in my script or methodology – thanks :slight_smile:

the card count is a little misleading, it doesn’t include cards you’ve created and then removed.So you’ve maybe created around 6000, but also half of those are isRemoved: true

cardcount is used primarily to determine whether the user needs to upgrade (https://help.kinopio.club/posts/how-much-does-kinopio-cost/)

thanks for the clarification…on a related note though, I am not getting any cards with isRemoved: true from the API.

as a quick example, this space https://kinopio.club/river-seed-EEIafeyfyFAvUaiBDC6r1 has a card called “This is removed”, but when I get it via the API, that card is not there. (curl -s https://api.kinopio.club/space/EEIafeyfyFAvUaiBDC6r1)

when I do that GET I get your cards, but not your removedCards. The /space endpoint doesn’t return removedCards for performance reasons. To get your removed cards you can use the separate route /space/:spaceId/removedCards

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ah, thanks for pointing that out. I see the corresponding thing going on with /user/removed-spaces as well. got it :slight_smile:

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