Color code for card age

It would be great if the time identifiers showing how old the cards are would be color coded based on how old/stale the card is. It would make it very easy to identify most recent (most old) cards.

This is how Trello approaches it (but they color code the entire card, which seems a bit too much)

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I like the idea :slight_smile:

What colors would you use? What time buckets would you use?

(I know you’re referring to the time indicators, so that wouldn’t be possible with the current API)

Maybe a gradient of some sort? I don’t think I have a preference on actual colors.

In terms of a time frame maybe:

  • today
  • last 7 days
  • last month
  • anything older
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Would it need a time frame if you could set a two color gradient? Maybe that’s more intensive, but we have a place to go for setting default colors, so each user could add their “aging colors” there and let Kinopio set colors based on the gradient and oldest/newest cards.


yeah you’d still need a total time to determine how far along the gradient to go. The other problem with gradients is that it can be hard to differentiate close shades, although maybe that’s fine bc you’d still have a rough idea

ya i’d probably just have this affect the time indicators that you see if you hit 2