Color picker UI improvements on mobile

Not sure if this is the samsung UI (s23/tab s9), but I cannot pick colors from other apps with the “eyedropper” type tool that is available on desktop. I can input rgb values directly, which helps, but the system color picker is clunky.

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Are you’re talking about the native system color picker that appears when you click the spectrum button?

CleanShot 2024-06-15 at 09.28.49@2x

If so ya, kinopio has no control over the native color picker (it’s different on every OS)

p.s. nbd but for future issues instead of putting ‘feature:’ or ‘bug:’ in the name, you can leave that out and use the categories instead. this saves me the hassle of having to edit things

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Cool. I figured it was OS specify. Android has a few good “color palette” apps that let me extract RGB or Hex codes. Thanks for pointing out the Tags.