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curious if there has been any progress on linking to boxes? would be cool to be able to have a sort of one-to-many relationship by linking a node to a box containing a bunch of related stuff


what kinds of specific use cases are you envisioning?

Not sure if this is relevant to your question: in April, I threw together a Kinopio to markdown converter. I brainstormed ideas for blogs as cards in Kinopio and linked them together. I exported the Kinopio space to JSON, then ran the converter which created a markdown file (indented per the connections). I wanted ChatGPT to created blog posts from the markdown notes, but, found that I was happy enough with the markdown to skip the ChatGPT step. Then, I got side-tracked and am working on something else. I would be happy to share / explain. I used a mix of technologies all of which could be boiled down to a single language (e.g. JavaScript) by someone who is more industrious than me. My next step would be to ignore the direction of the Kinopio links and just use the the x-coordinate of the cards to determine parent-child relationships, but, I haven’t got around to that yet. (I.E. I create the Kinopio space from left to right) (In fact, I did use ChatGPT, but found it faster to write my own text from the point form notes)

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