Connection label misplaced in embed

A public page I used that embeds kinopio appears to be displaying connection labels wrong

We use kinopio to model how a program runs here, so each connection is meant to show program execution.
Currently on my devices it looks like

where on the left there are some random floating connection labels which should be on the actual connections as shown by color.
Could this perhaps be a bug introduced by the way I am explictly specifying zoom via the url parameter?


Will look into, thanks for letting me know

Are the labels misplaced when not viewing it as an embed? Can you share the space url?

Sure, here’s the public readonly link :slight_smile:
The “blog” mentioned above is public anyways

Might be related but only some lower connections disappeared in the full app on my side.

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hmm it all looks right to me, in chrome and firefox

still debugging

:articulated_lorry: just released a fix to make connection label positions work better with zoom, let me know if this fixes the issue for you


This now positions the labels correctly, thanks!


glad to hear it!

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