Consider Open Startup-like info

Hiya @pirijan,

You might have heard about the idea of open startups, whereby a startup posts their subscriber numbers and MRR.

I fully realise this can be a very vulnerable/scary thing and it’s not for everyone. (And you might already have feelings about Pieter Levels and his entourage, I dunno)

But, from the POV of we fans and supporters, it would be interesting to know what the uptake is of new users, to understand how the business is growing/shrinking/neither. It can even be motivating I think!

So I’m throwing the idea out as something I’d enjoy seeing. E.g. what if the bulletin said “There are 523 Kinopians”… could be that simple :slight_smile:

For your consideration :bouquet:


In case you haven’t seen it, Pirijan has shared stats in the past: Although this was awhile ago now.


Funnily enough I was on a podcast where this came up right before you started this thread, so it’s been on my mind. Here’s my current thinking:


  • if the numbers are too low, maybe people think it’s not popular, stable enough, or good enough yet to recommend.
  • The smaller you seem, perhaps the more ignore-able you are
  • people tend to like underdog stories only After they’ve ‘made it’, maybe it’s too depressing when the happy ending is ‘pending?’
  • if the number is too high, then it’s like why should I support you, you’re not ‘indie’ software. Maybe people would think I’m a douchebag at some point.
  • I’m not really a member of the namad list lifestyle, I think most of that world is douchebaggery

That being said, I don’t feel strongly enough about the worries above to not try it out in the next bulletin. I’ll probably include things like

  • number of paid customers
  • number of signed up users (which isn’t a great metric actually because you can use kinopio without signing up)
  • unique/total page counts

anything else you’d want to see? (keep in mind that I don’t track a lot, and only look at/update my biz stats only once a month)


Agree with basically everything you’ve said and wholly appreciate the rest.

What you propose for the bulletin would satisfy my curiosity completely!

Hope you can make it happen, I look forward to reading :slight_smile::slight_smile: