Desk accessory / widget ideas

I know you have some ideas around plugins for Kinopio ( Thought I’d start a topic about it with some of my brainstorms.

  • pomodoro timer: could connect cards representing what you are working on, could auto-enforce some process
  • writer tools like character/word count: connect cards to widget and it would update with stats.
  • general space stats (number of cards, connections, orphans, todos, etc)
  • something like your auto schedule tweet idea, but for some general code to run. That code could be operations within the space. For example, a planner space where the dates auto update when the week rolls over.
  • youtube widget for taking notes (this one takes some more explaining). Let’s assume you implement that feature where if you start making a connection and mouseup in open space, it automatically creates a card and puts you in edit mode. With that context, this widget would be an embedded youtube, but when you drag to make a new connected card, it would pre-fill the youtube link with timestamp (maybe markdown linked). This would let you watch a youtube lecture, for example, and take notes linked to specific times of the lecture more easily. :slight_smile:

Love the timer and word count idea. Makes me think about some of the Morning Pages talk on FL and how nice it could be to just type away in Kinopio in a similar fashion for the same type of Morning Pages flow. Obviously I can do that now, but I like having a word count…


@kordumb I was inspired by your comment and I hacked a word counter into Kinopio :slight_smile:

Screen Recording 2021-04-13 at 9.02.40 PM


  • change to a mutation observer instead of interval timer
  • put the word count into a card with a specific name
  • add ability to count only selected cards (counts all by default)

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: amazing.

Not sure if this is what you meant, but I like the idea of having the ability to add a card and write something like “/wordcount”, which turns that card into a word counter.


yeah, that’s basically what I was thinking. then it will be actually like a widget you can move around. I’ll work on that :slight_smile: