Dither compression / replace

Be super cool to be compress and/or replace a cards image with a dithered/web compressed version. something like what imagemagik does or ditherit.com.

Also might make loading of spaces quicker - I haven’t actually checked if the uploaded images are 1:1 with the original source.

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this may be related to Should upload images be resized? - #9 by pirijan ?

Oh nice - thanks for that. Good insights on how that worked.
I guess for me… from an UX/UI perspective it would be a nice to have to know how much space a image/file is taking. Like a tag/button. Upon clicking that, you could get options to dither/compress further > That duplicates that card with the result, then the user can choose or delete the original or the new compression .

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from a performance perspective, only cards that are in or near your viewport are actually rendered so unless the images are crazy huge like 50mb+ and all in one place then it shouldn’t slow down the space too much

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Oh perfect, then dither would be more than an aesthetic - nice to have, if performance isn’t impacted as much as I thought. Thanks for the info!