Drag card connector icon to create a new card

I would like to be able to click on the link icon on a card and drag out of it to create a new card at the end of the resulting link at the location I dragged to.

You got the spirit except that I only want an editing box and would not need an automatic name, much like cmd-click.

{Apologies. This has been requested before. Please consider this to be an expression of support.)


@tqwhite welcome to the forums! great request :slight_smile: (this is the same as Drag connection to create new card, right?)

What do you mean here? maybe you were referring to Shift-Enter?

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hey tqwhite, nice seeing you here :slight_smile:

(just for posterity, this originally came up in your space https://kinopio.club/dear-kinopio-guy-mYYUdewC5UENHVvHYAXJA).

Could you tell us a bit more about your use case for this?

Also as a more general version of this, I’m planning on adding the ability to alt/opt drag a card to instantly duplicate it to a new position (kinda like how design software does it). Would this address most or all of the need here?


You brought up this behavior in my post as well. I must be missing something because what you are describing here (alt/opt drag to duplicate) is completely unrelated to what I was asking for, and what I interpreted @tqwhite is asking for…

I think what @tqwhite means by “link” icon is the connector button to make connections. (see my linked post).


@tqwhite will have to clarify because I’m not sure whether ‘link’ icon means the connector button:
Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 1.34.20 PM

or the url button:
Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 1.34.28 PM

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I do mean the connector button.

Eventually I will pick up the kinopio lingo because I love it and expect it will be part of my life for awhile.

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I’m new to this so I am building out my first spaces, getting organized and playing around.

One space is about a project with a roadmap, a feature list and bugs (among other things). I was embroidering each of these with random ideas (the best thing about kinopio is the ease of placing random ideas in context!!!). I type in a bug description and that made me think of a feature. That meant I wanted to add a leaf to that tree. Maybe something else in my history made me expect to do this but I tried clicking on the connector button (see, I learn) and tried to drag out a new editor.

After finding that unavailable, the process was either…

click on the parent, shift-enter, type stuff, drag the leaf into a good spot


cmd-click to get an editor, type my stuff, click on a connector button and drag to connect, drag the leaf to a good spot.

The process I and the other guy proposed seems smoother. It allows one to choose the parent, establish the connection and specify the ‘good spot’ in a single action.

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Yes. Shift-enter.

As I say elsewhere. I will learn this eventually.

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It sounds like it is exactly what I am talking about with two small exceptions.

  1. it would require opt. This is fine but does represent additional cognitive load. If this feature existed without opt, I would have discovered it naturally. With opt, I would have ended up requesting the feature unless I noticed it in the help pages. (Which, to be fair, I probably would have. I read them all.)

  2. it would require deleting the duplicated text. Also, clicking remove if it was accidental or I changed my mind. I don’t really know of a reason why I would want to squares with the same text. Because of that, I would probably consider having to select all and delete to be superfluous every time I did it. I think I would prefer that it act exactly as shift enter does, create a new, empty editor and, if I do not type, it goes away, albeit with a connection.


that makes sense, I guess they’re both diff features after all. In the case of making a new card from dragging on the connector though, I don’t think it’d be clear (esp in all contexts) that the new card should include all or part of it’s name from the parent card?

I think i’d expect that new card to be blank, just like what you get when you click anywhere. What do you think?

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Yes. This feature is about quickly opening a new card edit dialog that is connected to an existing card in one fell swoop.

I concur. New card blank.

If I change my mind and do not type, it disappears like it does in other situations.


-Added the bold to try to summarize all relevant parts together…


this is now shipped https://twitter.com/KinopioClub/status/1516410912126685195