Drag connection to create new card - Feature Request


I know you already have this captured, but I wanted to bump it because I feel like it has the potential to make Kinopio feel even slicker and more effortless. To restate:

  • Click on a connection button of card A (entering connection-creation mode)
  • Drag to empty space in the canvas (not on top of a card)
  • Release at x1, y1 (mouseup)
  • Create a new card at x1, y1, opening edit card dialog.
  • Create a new connection (from card A to new card).

This means, when you to create a new card that is connected to an existing card, you can save a whole bunch of steps (click to create card, edit card name, mouse to card A, drag from card A to current card).

And if you want to cancel out of creating a new connection, once you release, you can click away or hit Escape. It adds a small step to the existing behavior (which is a noop), but I think this is the less popular path.


Makes sense ,

Especially on mobile or while learning the ui, I wonder if that might appear jarring to people who cancel connecting.

Perhaps alternatively, I plan on adding ctrl drag on a card to duplicate (similar to design apps)