Encrypted data storage

Hi, awesome app!

Unless already done, it will be really good if all spaces for all or paid users are stored in your database encrypted to keep them private internally as well. This is important for business use-cases.

@pirijan, do you have any plans for this?


Thanks Nick!

It would be nice to have, but tbh it’s an extremely long-term thing, if that. I’m not sure how e2e works with collaboration (it’s easy to conceptualize if it’s just you and the server). Also business-wise not having e2e hasn’t been a significant blocker for trello’s b2b plans.


To clarify, by business-wise I mean kinopio selling to businesses. But of course lots of businesses (and people) have legit needs/desire for e2ee. I won’t be able to meet that particular need for some time tho


A note about this was added to the help site: Encryption (kinopio.club)

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