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From @rine in Discord: https://discord.com/channels/857305113936134204/876918592313110608/937289625146372156

“fan service for the paranoid: export all spaces (zipped jsons?). I do it with the api, but built-in sounds nicer?”

For less technically inclined (like me) a zip with folders for each space and txt files for each card or a text file for each space with cards separated by double returns, could be interesting.


having the cards separated by line breaks might be more readable in a space with lots of sentence-like cards

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implementation notes to self:

in space -> export

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 11.04.49 AM

change this to 2 buttons: ‘download space’ and ‘download all spaces’. both of which downloads a zip file with Both json and txt.

  • may have to switch to generating downloads from the server (add GET /space/export endpoint)
  • figure out how this works for local-only spaces

Agreed, got to that point as I was thinking/typing but was too lazy to delete the previous line.


working on this next


stubbing ui out for:

signed out users:

signed in users:


the regression/difference is that signed out users can no longer dl space txt files. and all users can’t dl txt files seperately, which I think will be an okay/unnoticed compromise irl

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this is now live, happy exporting :slight_smile:

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I got an error after clicking Download All Spaces and waiting for a minute or so:

does this happen on all browsers for you? can you send me the network tab item in the browser that failed too? are you on your work vpn?

i can’t repro this cors error in production for safari, chromium, or ff

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