Feature idea: Fixed Background Image, Allow Embedding Youtube?

Hi I’ve had kinopio open in a tab on my phone for like a year and finally have a project I’d like to use it for. As a new kinopio user I of course immediately want to push the limits of the spaces aesthetic options.

For your consideration: Entirely unneccessary yet obviously awesome, I would be overjoyed with being able to embed “lo-fi beats to study to” as my space background on kinopio. Maybe even a little play/pause/prev/next control panel, but that’s just wishes. The full screen aesthetic, a background that stays in one place while I navigate my space. It could even be a youtube playlist playing in the background because having the video in a card just isn’t doing it for me apparently :kissing:

I’m a noob so all I can do to even imagine this happening is a toggle setting for locking the background image, and a bit of url trickery so youtube embeds have autoplay, loop, and playlists: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38649673

What do you think? Lovely app so far, thank YOU!


hi friend! welcome to the forum.

it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but you can get pretty far by using an animated gif as a background and adding an mp3 card. check out this chilled cow space I just made :wink:


Hi Kurt :wave:

cool idea, I love me some lo-fi anime beats too.

youtube url/playback support for cards is something I do want to add.

RE background video: As ben mentioned ^, using gifs/mp4 for the background might be an better way to go for now because of all the extra UI buttons and code required for a very niche (but cool) use case. I’ll think about that some more :slight_smile:

RE fixed background: It’s an option that I could add but I’ve so far decided against it because when the background doesn’t scroll it’s harder to get a sense of place and movement within a space, easier to feel lost. You can try it yourself by manipulating the page body with the webinspector and tell me if you like it


This is now shipped,

add a youtube url to a card and you’ll get a play/stop button that lets you turn on the youtube embed and play it right there for some embedded lofi beats to study to