Feature request: arrow keys to move cards

moving cards by holding and dragging after aligning cards is a bit of a struggle when trying to keep them aligned and tidy

perhaps moving the cards after selecting by using the arrow keys to move in ±x and ±y directions only would be more useful for precise movement and adds accessability too


I love this idea. It is an additional way to solve some of the problems brought up here: Yearly planner: grid alignment/functions? - Clubhouse - Kinopio Club

Some additional thoughts:

  • I wonder if moving cards via keyboard should be relative to the original position of the card, or should it snap you into a global grid. In other words, if I had a card a (50, 100) and I wanted to align a card at (200, 103) with it, I wouldn’t be able to do it with arrow keys if it is adding 5px up and down, for example (because I could only put it at 108 and 98). Instead, if using arrow keys snapped it to tens, I would use that functionality to place all my cards.
  • Maybe @xea you were thinking the arrow keys would “nudge” cards by a single pixel. That would give us the precision. It might get a bit tedious. You could solve this better with some kind of align-to-other-objects functionality.


For example, if I could drag on 2:30-3:30 🏇🏻 and have it snap to align vertically with the Tuesday card.


i like your ideas too thanks for adding, i was thinking of moving it relatively after aligning using the horizontal and vertical alignment tool.
but the main point is to have everything align if i wanted it to. (which i want often)

i think moving by pixel is useful even if a bit slow or tedious, maybe holding can make it accelerate a little and reach a max speed.

but overall like you mentioned a global snapping function would be useful for people like me who love perfect alignment.