Feature request: Link to card

I think it would be helpful if there was a way to link to a specific card in a kinopio space. Such a link would scroll the card into view and probably highlight it or something.


Makes sense! (I started working on this but hit some walls and ran out of time)

What kinds of use cases would you use card urls for?

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Mostly sharing links on other platforms.


I second this idea. I would also love the ability to link to cards in other Kinopio spaces. Let’s say I captured some inspiration in a Daily Journal and I want to use it in another space for a moodboard or project ideation. I would imagine when the card is shown there would be a way to reveal the Space it links back to. This could be a way to start showing backlinks/references to other spaces in Kinopio. I think it should default to embedding cards from your own Spaces.


welcome to the forums jdsimcoe,

It’s def something I want to do in the future, and the idea of card links inside cards could b pretty cool


Wow, just realized how powerful that would be. :100:

It seems like this would have most of the benefits of 🪞 Mirror/transclusion feature but simpler to implement.

For clarity, sounds like there are two different things mentioned in the above.

The first was mostly that each card could have a unique link that would open the space and then scroll to it.

Second, is some sort of transclusion where a card in an existing space can be mirrored in a second space.

For this second idea, using the link (like one from the first idea above) in a card could potentially be the interaction. In this scenario, should the card be an uneditable copy that updates with changes in the original? Should it be a copy that can be edited, but keeps no tie to the original? Or should it be editable with changes in either place always being reflected everywhere.

Some of this is probably too intensive and out of a reasonable scope, but I just wanted to throw it out there as the idea gets considered.

Edit: for the second idea, also important to keep in mind what jdsimcoe mentioned that there should be some UI pointing back to the original space.


Yep, and that naturally flows into the second idea.

Yes, this is what I was getting at with my comment. It wouldn’t be transclusion. It would be a link to the card. But if there were a preview of the card, then it would behave similarly if you transcluded it. But if you want to edit the contents of the card, you’d have to go to the space where it lives.

Since it’s a URL, it would behave as other URLs. You click on the URL and it navigates you to the original space and opens the card for edit.


That all makes sense to me :slight_smile:


Everything you said makes sense.

I think I took jdsimcoe’s idea a little further based on “default to embedding cards from your own spaces.” - which made me think of the different ways you can do this is Roam where it can be an embed, a reference, or a copy.

It sounds like the idea is gravitating to something more similar to current URL Previews, but when it’s a card link the preview is essentially the card, which would be an awesome idea.

(Rambling warning: This also has me thinking about Groups again [far fetched idea but…] what if a Group could have a link, and then you could do a URL Preview (as discussed above), which actually displays the group as it’s preview image. Assuming you could resize at this point too, so you could have large chunks of reusable cards that could be used across many spaces. Use case: my main Rankings space could pull individual groups from the year’s space for each category.)


This would really help with managing todos from various spaces. You could have an aggregate task manager space where you could pull links to todo cards from other spaces.

This way you can have a birds eye view of things you have to do and prioritize them and yet never lose context of why you wanted to do that stuff to begin with.

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hey Sharknader,

you could certainly link to todo cards from various spaces, but you’d have to click each link to checkout what the todo state (completed or not) of that card is. Would that make still sense in an ‘aggregate task manager space’?

How do you link to cards??

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Yes, I think so. You could also add “[ ]” to the actual links in that space and then make sure that the todo/done status is the same in the original location.

I would most likely mark something complete in my tasks space (as it would be my main reference space) and then go back to where the original task was to mark is done there as well.

Edit: another benefit would be that you could create a new card with a link to a todo in a current space and then use the “move” feature to move that link card to your todo manager space. You wouldn’t even have to open your task manager space until you are in the task management mood

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Until/if this is a real feature, for now I’m creating random number tags to link cards together. So for instance, I would create a tag [[2022.06.16.1]] and link two cards together with it. Not perfect, as it clutters the tag list, but I suppose better than nothing for now.


I think the workaround I have above is functional, but it is quite slow, as it requires navigating to the original card and adding a tag there in order to link it to the new card with the same tag, which breaks the flow.

Does anyone else have any better ideas of how to link cards together given the current functionality? Or is this not so much of a common need?