Filters to Effect In-Space Search

From @charlesetc on Discord:

So I guess my feature request would be: can the todo filter also filter the results in the search box?

(Will add more detail/screenshots shortly)


So I think there are a few confusing things here for me:

  1. You can’t search by a tag in the search box, for instance this query also gets [[not fruit]]:

  1. In the above screenshot, checking the “Todo” button doesn’t filter out checked todo’s in the search box.

  2. When I do check the “Todo” button and select a label from the button just to the right of it, the logic seems to be “include all unchecked todo cards and all cards that match that label” where what I want is “include all unchecked todo cards that also match that label”.

Basically I want to be able to query for unchecked todos that match a particular label and I’m not sure how to do that either in the search box or with the highlighting of certain cards…

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maybe instead of ommiting them from the search results entirely (which might cause another group of ppl to wonder why searching doesn’t search everything), would it be enough to have filtered results be faded out (much like they are on the space itself)?

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Yeah that would work well for me!


after a bit of testing, I’m releasing this update that strikes through [x] completed cards (whether the filter is on or off). Let me know how this works for you irl