Funding: I'll be working 1 day a week on

To keep myself alive, I’ll be doing design work for starting in 3 weeks~. While it sucks to take away time from working on Kinopio, I’ll be able to pay most of my rent with 1 day/wk of work (I charge a high$ rate).

Other funding options I’ve considered:

  • Earnest capital, bootstrapper-oriented investment sound like their principles are in the right place but they require a business to have $1000 MRR, and the payback terms are really complicated with new-to-me business words. Maybe one day though.

  • Regular VC would be the easiest for me to get, I’ve gotten investor interest and making the grandiose pitch is easy with Kinopio – but my incentives are not aligned with the high-capital/big-exit product-corrupting mindset of the VC world

    • There’s probably a kind of investment (angel?), that’s more aligned, but I’ll cross that road if I ever get there
  • Some kind of user-based funding. IRL seems to be really complicated and is maybe more of a marketing thing than an actual funding thing.


Thanks for the transparency. It shows that you’re a human being, not an entity, and helps build trust. :v:(-‿-):v:

PS when I first read the headline, despite knowing what is, I pictured you livestreaming your dev work on some channel that folks could pay to watch and I was already calculating how much I’d be willing to pay for that :wink:


you can’t imagine how boring that’d be lol, when i start typing I’m just a brick wall of concentration

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Man, I understand you so much. I am also trying to figure out a way to monetize my startup project. And I think it’s just more satisfying to bootstrap it than to sell your soul to VCs.

That said, whatever it takes, I think you’re in the right mindset to make Kinopio a sustainable product.


Thanks julien, may be a long road but I’m sure we can do it :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing, and the transparency - I appreciate it! Sustainability is important - for self, and for the ideas one is gardening with.

Also!!!! I’ve been looking for this thing that I’ve seen because I wanted to try it out for something I’m working on, but the name totally lost me. I have finally rediscovered it!