Get Today's Journal SpaceID

We discussed briefly in Discord, but just wanted to document the feature request.

Would like a way to fetch the space ID for today’s journal space.

This way I can use a quick Siri shortcut to add links and text and always have it flow to the current days space rather than having to do this to an Inbox and then move to the current space throughout the day.

GET ID -> POST [text] to ID

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to address this i’ve added a new route that will return your journal spaces. the first space returned will be the most recent one so you can get the space id from that


Any idea what I need to do here to get back the space id’s?

Can you parse/print the response from the api? Can you evaluate the text w any kind of programming language/parser?

I got it! Working like a charm.

I tried putting the user/journal as a Key rather than the url at the top. Can easily parse with Shortcuts dictionary tools.



QQ: is the “most recent” determined by last viewed, edited, or created?

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Both Last edited and last viewed , whichever happened most recently


Glad to hear it works :slight_smile: