Hard to identify "searched" card

per Aaron in https://kinopio.club/r-CesfJsPrdMR_cA3pW_a/-ideas-for-live-spaces-r-CesfJsPrdMR_cA3pW_a

Something I often struggle with is, when I click on a notification, and if the space is large and busy, it can be challenging to find the specific card I was linking too

also by me, in this screenshot, I clicked on one of the cards in the search.

working on a short simple ‘opening’ animation (probably the reverse of the mobile card touchhold ‘locking’ animation) that’ll be visible around a carddetails dialog when a card is opened in any way that’s not directly clicking the card.

e.g. triggered when you:

  • show card from Notification
  • show card on space load from TagDetails
  • show card from card Search result
  • show card from header search arrows

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I like that. I think it will help address the issue.

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:canoe::canoe::canoe: shipped