Headers or Bigger Call Outs

I’d love to be able to create cards with bigger text (maybe markdown headers to go with the other markdown syntax that was added).

I’ve been using Frames for this purpose (and am excited to see what other frames you come up with), but a lot of the time I build my maps around a central card or have a few cards that call out specific notes that I want to be a little more noticeable and currently it feels like they can sometimes get lost.


that makes sense, I’d want to address this need but also don’t want to add a bunch of extra text button options to twiddle. In the meantime, in combination with frames, you can emphasize text in cards by wrapping it in markdown **'s

Another technique is to use a contrasty or animated image in the center card, not sure if that’ll work for your use case tho

I hear you, @kordumb (btw, welcome to the forums :)). a few other examples I’ve seen/used:

⌃ Frame + caps + space between letters

⇧ combo of emoji and wrapping with backticks or making a tag. this is from https://kinopio.club/xea-s-mindmap--NcsvzMf9PhGLlyPimWkbg

I also brainstormed a while back when thinking about this problem, you could write a web service that you give it some text, and it returns an image file. you could then paste that URL and have it get rendered (e.g. https://texttoimage.com/convert?text=hello&format=.jpg and maybe that would be enough to “fool” kinopio to render it?

– ben


Thank you both! I think emojis and the ** emphasis will work perfect for me.


+1 on markdown headers
Came here to suggest this too.

I think Kinopio would GREATLY benefit from just having #h1 available. In a map, some text needs to be REALLY emphasized more with size.

see what I did there

Just establishing visual hierarchy using colours (tagging or **bold**) and images get messy. It’s getting real messy with all the Magical Helpers around lol… At a glance, I see all these colours… but being the same size, they ultimately hold the same level of importance to me. That’s why I’m finding some of my boards getting kind of overwhelming

Those workarounds are great, but they’re just workarounds to me, not solutions :frowning:


Def something I’m considering (there are a couple issues w increasing font size/width w a monospace font in a card)


I have made a thing… you could call it a workaround…

SVG Text for Kinopio [Space]

The space above explains it in full, but this is a Glitch project that serves up PNG or SVGs at a URL like https://svg-text.glitch.me/Hello%20World.png

You can use it to make bigger text. There are obvious limitations based on width/height ratios enforced in Kinopio but you could do something like one word-per-image.

I think it’s fun. And if you want to expand it, change the font/formatting, you can remix it on Glitch.

Example text

P.s. Pirijan, could you make Kino support SVG images?? :smiley:


@stegriff this is great! I had this very kind of service in mind too, but you went ahead and implemented it. I love it.


P.s. Pirijan, could you make Kino support SVG images

certainly sounds like it should be possible - added it to my todo list - thx!


Oh yeah! Great minds!

It was suprisingly quick to build in Glitch (<1hr) because the node packages already existed (see https://glitch.com/~svg-text) and it’s not far from the basic node/express project template.


Yeah, I browsed the code. I might remix it so you can pass parameters for changing the style properties :slight_smile:


just added svg image support


Confirmed – shout out to @stegriff for building this :slight_smile:



High five, you rock! :clap:

My pleasure! The downside is that when the Glitch app is “Waking up”, the images are all blank!! :sweat_smile:


relatedly, added h1,h2,h3 md support to cards: Md card headings h1,h2,h3