Highlight to format text

Hello! Not sure if there’s a term for this kind of feature.

Ever since I started using Kinopio, I’ve been expecting to be able to highlight text and then type a character to add characters surrounding the selection. E.g. to add [[brackets]] or **asterisks**. Sometimes I accidentally try to do this in Kinopio because that’s what I expect to be able to do when working with a lot of markdown, consistent with other programs. Anyway, it’s something I think would be pretty intuitive and convenient to eventually have!

Example of highlighting to format in Obsidian (markdown note-taking app):


OIC makes sense and something I can investigate in the future

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I’ll have to check out how obsidian does this. I do feel the tedium of adding bold or italics around existing text. Other apps use keyboard shortcuts to do this, which I am not a huge fan of (plus doesn’t work on mobile) so I’m interested in seeing where this goes.