How to copy cards as an image?

I am preparing now a presentation and I want to use cards from Kinopio in my PowerPoint. My main issue is that if I print screen the cards, and enlarge them for the presentation, they become a little bit ugly because of the lack of resolution.

Is there any way, how to copy cards as an image in high resolution?

Or could be there maybe in future some nice solution to this? :slight_smile:

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this is a function that’s built into your OS. on mac you can use cmd-shift-4. that’s how i create all my social media posts

My problem is the resolution. I cannot zoom in Kinopio more than 100 % (makes sense probably), so if I take a screenshot from my OS of those cards, and then I make them bigger for the powerpoint, they look ugly.

Some tools, like Excalidraw, have a great feature: “copy as an image” or “copy as an svg” etc. Maybe something like that could help?

you can export the whole space as a pdf and zoom in on that for your screenshots, maybe that would work?

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Maybe. I will try. Still not the easiest way, I guess. Maybe there could be another colution? Nto sure.

unfortunately another solution would be non-trivial bc browsers don’t let webpages capture/see screenshots of the webpaage for security reasons