Inconsistent showing / not-showing of the context menu for similar actions

I was thinking what makes my experience with moving items in Kinopio worse and I think, I identified it.

a) When I move just one cell, everything is working as expected. I grab it, I move it and I am done. No context menu to select formatting etc. (Which is what I want and expect.)

b) When I, however, select multiple cells with ctrl + click, then it behaves wierdly. I still can move it as in the previous case but as soon as I stop moving it, I get the context menu. (Which I don’t want usually at all.)

c) Then, when I use the painting selection, I get the context menu immedietly placed where I ended painting. I get the context menu again when I stop moving the cells. (Which is usually fine but sometimes, I think, it moves the complete Window…)

d) Then, when I use the horizontal selector, I don’t get the context menu at all.

I think this is:

  1. inconsistent
  2. on many occasions, I want to just move cells and not to format them at all and
  3. of course, on some occasions, I want to format them

I don’t have a solution for this but I wanted to bring attention to this.


It is indeed consistent , but I don’t think consistency should be the goal - doing the most appropriate/expected thing for each context should be(?). That said, I’d love to hear more use cases/scenarios where the current behavior doesn’t match expectations so I can tweak from there


I think the most weird is the behaviour with ctrl + click - i.e. the “b” case.