Interim tag bug still happening

I’m seeing the interim tag bug again (still?).

Here’s how I’m reproducing it:

  1. Create a card called [[test one]]
  2. Edit the card.
  3. Hit backspace on the tag name (test on, test o, etc).
  4. Observe all those edits as new tags.


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will investigate , thx

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shipped a fix for this

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I’m still seeing this bug (and I have for a while, just haven’t reported it).

Is there a way to clean these up automatically? I’m pretty sure I have dozens of tags that aren’t used in any cards but they show up in the tag browser and the tag chooser.

maybe i should add a ‘clean up’ button. It’s not ideal, but barring a much bigger tags rewrite, it’s hard to prevent empty tags from living 100% of the time

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Yeah, when I first thought this was fixed, I had occasionally and diligently deleted tags I found that were “orphaned”. But then I realized they were still being created, so I gave up. I guess it’s come to my attention again because these orphaned tags are getting in the way now.

Maybe it can be some kind of experimental functionality section? Hide it behind a key combination?

On the other hand, is this cleanup something you can run in the background on a very infrequent basis? It’s not something the user should have to care about. You could probably do a db query to see how many of these tags exist to get a sense of the rate. The big downside is that eventually they get in the way when you are autocompleting tags.

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it’s a very expensive operation so it would have to be infrequently run ya

just released a fix for this that checks and cleans up your tag list when you first open the tags dialog. The first load might be slow, but subsequent ones should be faster. :crossed_fingers:

The tags list also shows loading state like the space list does (with the loader appearing in the search filter bar)


confirmed working on my acct in prod, cleaned up quite a bit