Invited space won’t open for collaborator

I invited a collaborator to a space. Was working fine 12 hours ago but now he can’t seem to open it. Shows as loading forever. Chrome on pc.

Works fine on his phone though.




Also tried sending him an exported json but all the cards don’t show up in the imported space

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I wonder if it is related to what I was seeing and mentioned in this thread: Misc console errors during multiplayer session

The way I got it working was deleting the space in my browser’s localStorage, but that is pretty esoteric. If your collaborator is up for it, maybe try that?

  1. Open up developer tools
  2. Click on Application tab
  3. Navigate [Storage] / [Local Storage] / []
  4. Find the corresponding entry by matching the ID in the browser URL
  5. Right-click and Delete.
  6. Reload the space



is this still busted for you? if so, can you dm me the space url and an invite link?

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Thanks Ben! I’m afraid neither myself nor the collaborator have ever gone into (chrome?) developer tools before… need to do some googling to get to your workaround, or will shamelessly ask Pirijan to take a look at the space :see_no_evil:

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ya just ask me irl :slight_smile: