iOS 13 Safari resized images are not properly oriented

On my phone, I went to upload an image to a card. In the photo browser, there is an option to resize the image prior to uploading (you can choose L, M, S). If you choose any of those options, rather than the actual image size, then the resulting image uploaded is rotated sideways.


I see the same behavior when doing a similar thing on’s web interface.

It seems like maybe there is a discrepancy with how the EXIF is being interpreted or read. Some quick searches turned up:

Not a priority at all for me, just wanted to report :slight_smile:

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Ya I’m aware of this issue , it’s not an easy fix. So for now if you can resize the image or trick iOS into re-saving the pixels will be rotated.

By default iOS just has an exif directive that the image is rotating , instead of rotating the image. Complicating the matter, browsers can’t directly read exif image data

It’s possible all this gets sorted out with iOS 14. I know that will support webp images and who knows what other mobile goodies come with :slight_smile:

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